Monday, July 6, 2009

Worship Confessional 07/05/2009

I'm back!
Sorry about being gone so long...
I had quite a few things I needed to work through before posting again.
So, now that I'm over myself :-), I can get back to doing what I love... talking about worship!

Hope you had a great 4th! We celebrated Lyla's 1st birthday.
We were supposed to have family come up but circumstances (wonderful circumstances) prevented it.
Wednesday is Lyla's actual birthday but I'm normally out all day for Wednesday services, so we planned it for the 4th.
I'll write about it soon...

Now on to the set list!
But before the set list - a word about the Sunday Setlist Blog Carnival. :-)

You can find other worshippers' set lists here
I wasn't going to miss #50 Fred !

and my Planning Center link is here...

My songs are as follows...
Call to Worship: Shout to the Lord
Patriotic Song: America the Beautiful
Offertory: Glory, Glory, Hallelujah (Carol Joe Werner on Piano, Cheryl Lewis on organ)
Songs of Worship: Once Again (Matt Redman) - Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) and Victory in Jesus
Special Music: Jason Atchley sang Knees to the Earth
Invitation: Jesus Paid it All
Closing: Forever

This Sunday, we celebrated our freedom... not just as a nation, but as a christian nation... founded on the principles of God's Holy Word. If that doesn't make you feel patriotic, I don't know what will...

So, here's what I thought about the music...

It was great. Really. I though this week was a fantastic week of praise. While we had mishaps, I really loved everything that happened. God really blessed me during this service.

The call to worship brought us where we needed to go - even though the screens failed and the computer crashed.
AFter getting the computer back up, the video - thank you SO much Steelehouse - was fantastic.
I normally wouldn't do a patriotic song, but after that video it was needed. Especially for the body here in Hamlin.
Once Again was new to most here - but it is a song we need to know. I felt it would bring us into an appriciation of Jesus' sacrifice. I felt it did that.
My Chains are Gone and Victory in Jesus were perfect for what was being said this week. A home run from my perspective.
Everyone sang with their hearts!

Finally Jesus Paid it All was an excellent invitation - you remember I struggled here just a few months ago - and it tied everything up with a nice bow... OK... I don't mean that cheesy, but it really worked. I love this hymn and it made me remember what really makes me free: The blood of Jesus.

So all in all I was very happy. This was an effective offering to God, IMHO. :-)

... and I thank you for coming by. I'll be more regular.I promise!

Check out my Confessional - posting tomorrow
Keep singing His praises and have a great week.

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  1. Welcome back! I took a few weeks off myself which is good for all of us!