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Worship Confessional 11/01/2009

Wow... it has been so long since I published a worship confessional to this blog carnival (by my calculations 17 weeks!!!). I have missed doing this.However, it is my first doing this as a youth pastor and not as a worship minister... but that is a story for another blog... :-)

I will give you a small summary so you can catch up... In August of this year, my family and I made a big jump moving from little Hamlin, Texas ( love and miss you guys ) to League City, Texas. League City is half way between Galveston and Houston. Not a small town... I am also becoming known as a denomination switcher. I am now at Faith Assembly ( after being at FBC Hamlin for 2 years and being raised Church of Christ. I have some views on that, but that is another blog as well... :-)

Also, I've gone from being the "guitar playing" Worship Minister to the "piano playing" Youth Pastor. So, my Sunday confessional will be more about my experience and what I felt about the songs. I love our Worship Minister here - Noemi Royer. She does a fantastic job. Knowing what it is like to be in her shoes - and reading the good and bad here - I want to be her support in every way that I can. So, where I would be critical of myself in earlier worship confessionals, I don't want my critiques to come across as critical of her in any way 'cause she's GREAT! Don't look for some in depth analyses. It is going to be more basic and more about my feelings on the songs and my contribution... Enjoy!

First - the business... You can find this post and others like it at Fred McKinnon's Sunday SetLists

Walk In:
We just tinkered around with songs from the service. I really like what Noemi felt led to bring as an offering this week...

“Sing Sing Sing” (Chris Tomlin)
"All My Life" (Parachute Band)
“Healer” (Planetshakers/Hillsong)
“Your Grace is Enough” (Matt Maher/Chris Tomlin)

“Ministry and Adversity” Pastor Dan did a fantastic job. You can find the sermon at
I really loved this sermon. It spoke loud and clear to me. I think it will bless many worship pastors/leaders out there...

Alter Call:

Closing Song:
“Your Grace is Enough” (One Verse and 2 Chorus)

I'm really stretching myself going from leading a blended service on guitar to accompanying a contemporary service on piano. However, as I become more familiar with each song and as I own them (thanks Paul Baloche for the advice at NWLC 2009) I am able to settle in and worship - not gig. It is a different mindset and a different offering when you have gigged for a long time. You can slip into all business mode and forget about why you are really here. I love all of these songs - particularly "Your Grace is Enough." I actually have a post about that song coming... As you know, I have a special place for Healer as many worship leaders do. Still praying for you Mike! God will be glorified through all of this... Finally, "Sing Sing Sing" has just grown on me as a call to worship. I first hear about it on this blog and I'm so glad we're doing it here.

For those of you who've missed me, I would love to hear from you. So please leave a comment - short or long I don't care :-). Again, I would just love to hear from you. Also, we're starting a youth praise band and I'll be posting our Wednesday Nights as a personal confessional on how I thought things went. This launches in January, so I covet your prayers...

Thanks for your support and your friendship. God be praised for everything He has done, is doing and is going to do!


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