Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Questions you ask worship leaders.

I’ve just recently stepped down from leading worship on Sunday nights at a church plant in Houston.
I really loved helping a new body get off the ground, leading with my wife acoustically and worshipping God in a blatantly public place.
It was glorious :-)
So on our last night, as we had pizza and celebrated what God had done, I was honored when the lead pastor asked me to send him some questions to ask a potential worship leader/replacement… It took me a little longer to respond than I thought. Obviously I could have sent the “greatest weakness - strength” question, but I believe He was looking for something a little more “soul-exposing”
I hope these questions serve to make pastors think just as much as prospective worship leaders.
In fact, I believe I need to ask these questions to myself and see where I’m at. Self-evaluation is a good thing.

So today, as I pick blogging back up, I’m just gonna list the questions that I sent to ask and why I concluded to ask it...
Then, in the coming days, I’m going to ask these questions to you guys and see what your response is.
Hopefully, I’ll get some good responses that will challenge me and cause me to re-evaluate where I’m coming from…
Iron sharpens iron!


(1) Why do you worship?
This is designed to put the focus where it should be… Not on music but on Him. It should be one of the first questions we ask ourselves.
It is good to remind ourselves of why we worship. It should be ready at the front of our lips to respond to that

(2) What steps do you take to connect with the Spirit during your week?
        This should also not take us long to answer. We need to have a lifestyle of worship to truly be effective.
All we should be doing is listing what we do to worship Him during our week...

(3) How do you connect with the church body? What do you do outside of Sunday Morning service to make worship service more effective?
        A worship leader - at a local church - has to be relational. If we are to lead effectively, we have to know the church body.
What do we do specially to engage and know the church body?

(4) What is the most important thing you do on a Sunday morning?
        Everyone one of us have a unique way we prepare for Sunday morning worship. Preparation is essential.
What steps is we take to enter worship on Sundays so we can effectively usher in a spirit of worship?

(5) Name me a worship leader who has changed your perspective on Worship? How?
        Worship is relational and it is a journey. What relationships/individuals have challenged you to grow?
Who has caused your fire to burn a little brighter for the kingdom?

(6) What social media/blogs/community/websites/books/CDs/magazines feed you during your week? Tell me your worship diet…
        Check the diet. What you put in is what you get out… ‘Nuff said.

(7) What subject(s) do you hear emerging in the church today? What themes do you hear the church singing about?
        As a worshipper, are you listening to the heartbeat of the church? Do you realize there is a heartbeat of the church? 
I believe it is important to listen to the cries of the church. Are you listening?

(8) Who are the fathers of your faith? Who helped build the foundation of your faith?
         Everyone needs elders to help us grow. Iron sharpens iron. Who continually sharpens you? What theologians challenge you?
What members of your church are your elders? Who has helped shape you?

(9) Where do you run in the bible to renew your faith? What are the scriptures that ignite your worship?
Are you in the word? Do you know the Word?

(10) If you didn’t have music, how would you worship God?
        Worship is a lifestyle. Music is a part, but how are you worshipping outside of musically?

Hope this helps : As you can see there is very little about music proficiency. It is about a lifestyle of worship.
Prayer is essential. We should have a passion for the word and a passion for people to respond to the cries of God.
Worship pastors should be heavily involved in prayer ministry.
Spirit and truth. That’s what He’s looking for and you should be too…

Other questions that are essential? Love to hear them….

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