Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sunday Set List 02/01/09

This is my first "Sunday Set List" for Fred McKinnon's blog.
You can find other worshippers' set lists here -

I really enjoy reading other people's set lists.
You can find out where their church is going and what they are doing.
Again, please feel free to comment on my entries as I love to hear what others think.

To introduce myself, I lead worship in Hamlin, Texas - a town of about 2200.
At First Baptist, we like a blended service - a good mix of hymns and contemporary.
While we don't sing any original songs, I do write musc and have been for some time. I'll probably post some soon...
Our body likes familiarity, so I look for songs they plug into and own.
I try my best to help them come to the throne of God every Sunday.
We average between 215-220 on a Sunday - some days we're lower...

This weekend was D-Now weekend for our church.
Sunday morning there were around 350 people at FBCH, with most being students and parents of students.
So our normally "blended" service was much more contemporary - and that will be reflected in the song choices.

Our theme for D-Now 2009 was "Freedom."
Our Verse for the weekend was John 8:32. "Then you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."
We tried to sing songs that declared our reedom in Christ the entire weekend.
So, after much to-do, here is the Set List for February 1st.

Intro of Hymns on Organ

Welcome by our Youth Pastor : Russ Ponder

Hymns of praise
1. "How Great Thou Art" Charlie Hall Version
2. "Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) Chris Tomlin

Offertory Prayer
3."Come Thou Fount" Kendall Massey - Electric Guitar & Gary Ford - Keys

Praise and Worship
4. "Take it All" Hillsong
5. "All We Need" Charlie Hall
6. "Marvelous Light" Charlie Hall (Obviously our kids like Charlie Hall!)

7. Lifehouse "Everything" (Recording)

Song of Devotion
8. "In Your Freedom" Hillsong

"Freedom" - Assoc. Pastor Russ Ponder

9. "Jesus Paid It All" Kristian Stanfill


10. "In Your Freedom" Hillsong

All in all, this was a great service. A good mix for everyone - I believe - if not a louder mix.
If you want to know more about what I thought, watch my worship confessional.
It will be posted on my blog ( http://godpowered.blogspot.com/ ) later today.

Blessings and have a great week!

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