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Sunday Set List 02/22/09

This is my third "Sunday Set List" for Fred McKinnon's blog.
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I missed last week as I was sicker than a dog. However, I still posted my confessional to my site for the 15th. It is coupled with the 22nd. We've got a Mino HD on order so I hope to attach video of the service soon.

This weekend was Big Country Baptist Assembly's week to address our body. Larry Searcy came to talk about the camp we support and to show us his vision for expansion.
This week, I wanted to lead us into a place of reverence and praise - I was unsure the way Brother Larry was going to go, so I planned a service that worked within itself.
With that in mind, here is the Set List for February 22nd.

Intro by pianist and organist

Call to Worship: Breathe
This song is a nice gentle intro. I knew we'd have some down time between this song and the next so I wanted something that would call us into a place of worship... something people could connect with and I know this one would. I started with my acoustic and added keys lightly, with the piano and organ joining on the chorus

Welcome by Brother Russ Ponder

A Word about BCBA - Larry Searcy

Song of Worship: "All Who Are Thirsty"
God is so amazing. Larry talked for about 10 min. He focused on the 'water hole' they are adding to the camp and how big of a deal it is that they need rain to fill this gigantic hole. Then, we went into "All Who Are Thirsty" and how much we need living water from Jesus. We re-invited the spirit in. It was a good time for this song. God is good.

Offertory Prayer
"I Exalt Thee" Gary Ford on Keys (Very nice Gary)

Praise and Worship
(Reading) A Road That is Holy
Open the Eyes of My Heart
Holy is the Lord
Holy, Holy, Holy

We started with a responsive reading that went well - not something we normally do, but it augmented where we were going. Then we went right into a medley of the 3 songs listed above. Surprisingly, "Holy is the Lord" is the song the church connected best with. I was expecting Holy, Holy, Holy to be that song, but it wasn't. Not that Holy, Holy, Holy wasn't great. It's just that Holy is the Lord was that much more effective this morning. A great medley of songs - to be sure.

Choir Special
"Lord Most High" Lifeway Anthem
This was a nice piece. A song we could do in service easily. Nice job by the choir. Can't wait to do "Hallelujah, You're my King"
the Baloche/Brenton Brown song in 2 weeks...

"Excellence Follows the Path of Determination" - Pastor Donny Harbers

Just As I Am

I chose a traditional invitation after Bro. Larry's sermon. It went OK, but I have to say it was the weakest song on the docket.


11. Holy is the Lord
We sang a chorus of this to close...

We are really growing in our worship. Before I arrived - about 2 years ago - My keyboard player said people had stopped singing and participating. Now, God is really blessing our services. People are singing and worshipping. We're still not showing outwardly like we could, but we're getting there. It is a growing process and I have growing to do myself. But, with His blessings and a healthy prayer life there is nothing we can't accomplish. It is hard to keep perspective. I can't take credit because I know it is all about God, but I love what He's doing and I am very thankful to be a part.

Check out my worship confessional.
It's already up and I'd love to hear comments (http://godpowered.blogspot.com/)

Blessings and keep speaking the name of Jesus !

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  1. I am so thankful to have your blog. I think it will be such a tremendous blessing to us as we travel.