Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday Set List 03/08/09

This is my Fifth "Sunday Set List" for Fred McKinnon'sblog.
This week - I wanted to see if I could be last - because we all know what the bible says about being last and first :-)
I put up my weekly confessional yesterday - Hope you all enjoyed it.

You can find other worshippers' set lists here -
Again - I'm so happy that people are leaving comments. Keep 'em coming.
Met with on of my friends from the blog-o-sphere ( Jim Drake from FBC Snyder) on Thursday.
He was a good friend that day - I needed one.
He gave good advice and introduced me to an excellent restaurant.
God bless you Jim - Thanks.
I think it is amazing that we're only an hour or so away, but it took the internet to help us become friends.
The internet can be an incredible stumbling block or an phenomonal tool for the kingdom.
I pray we claim it daily for His service.

Onto the Sunday Set List....

Intro by pianist and organist (These ladies do a fine job starting our service off right :-) )

Welcome and Call to Worship: Pastor Harbers

Songs of Worship:
How Great is Our God (Chris Tomlin)
There is a Fountain (Hymn)
Nothing but the Blood (Hymn)

These three songs set the mood for the entire service. I felt that each one of them blended the old and the new very well. How Great is an excellent song to start with here. The entire body owns that song. I wasn't sure about the next two, but the body really took to them. All in all - one of the best groupings to open a Sunday Morning.

Choir Special "Hallelujah to My King (Paul Baloche/Brenton Brown)

I love this song. I would like to add it to our Sunday Morning lists. It is a very simple but beautiful song - and really added to the service. Great job by our choir.

Songs of Praise:
Lamb of God (Twila Paris)
Before The Throne of God Above (Cook and Bancroft)
Jesus Paid it All (Hymn)

Lamb of God went OK - The body didn't respond to it like they might have. Before the Throne is a song we'll be doing through this entire series. I hope we own it after a couple of weeks. Jesus Paid it All was the right song at the right time. This set was not as strong as the first but it built better. It carried us into the special and the sermon. Better planning this week - I believe...

Prayer: Russ Ponder

Special Music: Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)
Our MOMs (mothers with preschool kids) group signed to this song as I sang it from piano. I thought the ladies did great. I could have done better ( I did at sound check), but they were great.

"WDJD4U (What Does Jesus Do For Us) - He Forgives Our Sins" - Pastor Donny Harbers

Take My Life

I guess this is the 3rd week in a row I felt the invitation didn't go where I wanted it to. I really want this song to be emotional and to make a difference. However, I feel like this song could have been a song that extolled the virtues of Jesus and called us to action accordingly. Not a bad invitation - better than the last 2 weeks to be sure - but not what it could have been.


11. Two Choruses of "Jesus Paid it All" (Hymn)
Again - I usually sing a chorus of the song that I believe ties the service together best, and then we instrumentally play it as people walk out. As I said last week - I felt this song tied the service together very well. It stated what the message needed to say again as the body was walking out. All in all a good choice for closing.

This week - overall - felt better than last week. I felt it was a better offering to God. Better planning and better spirit.

Please come back and check out my worship confessional. Thought it was good this week.
May your week be blessed and may the Joy of the Lord be your Strength!


  1. Hmmm, if we truly are we Wonder Twins what is your power? ha. 2 weeks in a row I'm excited to find out what you do this coming week! You rock. Great set this weekend man. I think we are allot alike brother. Blessings!!!


  2. mmmmm, if we are truly Wonder Twins then what is your Wonder Twin power? ha. 2 weeks in a row. You know I think we are most likely allot alike in many ways. Your a blessing man.


  3. My Wonder Twin power is either the power to annoy my wife at the drop of a hat... or a bucket of water...

    It really affirms me when stuff like this happens because it makes me feel like God is really leading. I wouldn't have picked that particular hymn if it was me - It is a nice hymn but not my favorite.

    Hmmm... What is my favorite hymn?

    Sounds like a blog is coming up tomorrow !

  4. It seemed to be the day for "There is a Fountain". I noticed a lot of churches did that one. Great song it's one of my favorite hymns.