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Sunday Set List 03/15/09

This is my Sixth "Sunday Set List" for Fred McKinnon'sblog.
You can find other worshippers' set lists here -

Gonna make this one quick as I'm a week behind...
Onto the Sunday Set List....

Intro by pianist and organist (Thanks Carol Joe and Cheryl )

Call to Worship: He Knows My Name

Welcome: Pastor Harbers
Songs of Devotion:
God of Wonders
Holy is the Lord (Tomlin)

Special Music - Piano and Organ
"Our God is an Awesome God"

Songs of Praise:
Open The Eyes of My Heart (Paul Baloche)
Open Our Eyes Lord (Hymn)
Before The Throne of God Above

Prayer: Russ Ponder

Special Music: Bud Baird "I Will Rise Again"

"WDJD4U (What Does Jesus Do For Us) - He Opens Our Eyes" - Pastor Donny Harbers

I Surrender All


He Knows My Name.

This week was a little more contemporary in worship, and more traditional in specials/offertory. On our recordings, I added a Rode NT4 as an ambient mic and it is really throwing my judgement off. Where I used to feel like no one was singing, I can really hear them during the recording now. It is amazing what one (albeit very nice - OK actually 2 mics because its stereo) ambient mic can do for your recordings. SO needless to say I was confused when I felt more people singing on "Open My Eyes Lord", but the recording said it was on "Holy is the Lord"

Bud Baird does an excellent job anytime he does a special. He is around 70, but the years have only added to his character as a vocalist. I have to say i'd put him anywhere and people would come to listen. I felt the standouts were "Holy is the Lord", "He Knows My Name" (A surprise to me...), and "Open Our Eyes Lord."

Songs that didn't go as well - "I Surrender All." Thematically, this was a stretch. I'm still trying to make a better connection during the invitation time. It is important to me...

Thanks again for coming by, and if you want a more detailed confessional - Check out my worship confessional for the week of 3/15.

May your week be blessed and may the Joy of the Lord be your Strength!

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