Friday, April 3, 2009

Sunday Set List 03/29/09

This is my Eighth "Sunday Set List" for Fred McKinnon'sblog.
You can find other worshippers' set lists here -

The quick entry formant is working the Sunday Set List....

Intro by pianist and organist (Thanks Carol Joe and Cheryl )
Welcome: Pastor Harbers
Songs of Devotion:
All Who Are Thirsty
Here I am to Worship
Mighty To Save - Instrumental
Special Music: SPIN - Kids Choir
Responsive Reading
Songs of Renewal:
Before the Throne of God Above
Day by Day
Revive Us Again
Lord, Send a Revival
Prayer: Kendall Massey
"WDJD4U (What Does Jesus Do For Us) - He Restores Our Lives"
Pastor Donny Harbers
Create in Me (Keith Green)
Revive Us Again

Here is my Quick Summary - (For a more detailed summary, my worship confessional is posting right now - It'll be up on my blog directly after this.)

(1) Worship started off great with the two opening songs.
(2) The offertory did not go well - I should have done a better job of communication. Boo, Kendall
(3) The Kids Choir did a GREAT job
(4) The middle songs were not laid out in the best way - I hate when that happens...
(5) Another good invitation! Found another song that works. "Create in Me" by Keith Green.

All in all - I feel like worship was OK - not my best week and not my worst. Kids Choir and the opening two songs saved me :-)

Thanks again for coming by, and, again, if you want a more detailed confessional - Check out my worship confessional for the week of 3/29 - coming soon - Right here on God Powered!

May your week be blessed and may the Joy of the Lord be your Strength!

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