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Sunday Set List 04/19/09

Hey folks! I am posting my "Sunday Set List" for Fred McKinnon's blog for the week of 4/19/2009.

You can find other worshippers' set lists here -

I am again linking to my Planning center so you can see the entire thing... if you're interested...
Planning Center Link

I highly recommend trying out Planning Center.
I think it is amazing and has made a real difference in how I plan/communicate.
It could help you too... if you're a worship leader...

On to the list!

Call to Worship: All Who Are Thirsry
Songs of Praise
Hallelujah (Your Live is Amazing) (Brown/Doerksen)
Holy is the Lord (Tomlin)
Songs of Worship
Open The Eyes of My Heart Lord (Baloche)
Holy, Holy, Holy (Traditional Hymn)
As The Deer (Nystrom)
Special Music: Fill My Cup/The Lighthouse (Margeret Calhoun)
Sermon: ...And Now The Rest of the Story
"A Diving Encounter on the Road to Emmaus"
Invitation: Amazing Love (Instrumental)
Closing: Amazing Love (Chorus)

Here is my Quick Summary - (For a more detailed summary, check out my worship confessional.)

OK - So I was thinking we might have a down week after Easter. But, that wasn't in God's plan. In the middle of the week, Margaret Calhoun came by and said she was ready to sing. When she told me her songs a few weeks ago, I though these will be ok. I can do this. Then she told me her story on Thursday. Wow. I knew that God was going to work something amazing through her. I think my excitement played through the entire service. She did a fantastic job, and we all were more than a little emotional when her song/testimony was finished. Thank you, Margaret, for leading us to the throne of God.

I had a great time with service this week! We had 4 more baptisms! Praise God! And there are 3 more for next week ! Hallelujah! God is moving in spite of storms that swirl around us. He is amazing!I I really feel like our body is owning "Holy is the Lord" and "Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord". I knew they already owned our call to worship and both"Holy,Holy,Holy" and "As The Deer". It all made for a fantastic service. A great follow up to Easter. So, now I pray God will keep us rolling into next week. Check back by and see...

Thanks again for coming by, and please check out (and comment on) my more detailed worship confessional for the week of 4/19 right here on God Powered! Again, may the Joy of the Lord be your Strength!

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