Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Set List 04/26/09

Once again Sunday is here and It is time for my "Sunday Set List". Check out Fred McKinnon's blog to see other worship leaders set lists for the week of 4/26/2009.

You can find other worshippers' set lists here -

I am again linking to my Planning center so you can see the entire thing... if you're interested...
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Everything looks cooler On planning center so check it out!

On to the list!

Call to Worship: Here I am to Worship
Songs of Praise
Forever (Tomlin)
Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus (Traditional Hymn)
Offertory: In Your Freedom
Songs of Devotion
All The Way My Savior Leads Me (Traditional Hymn)
Victory in Jesus (Traditional Hymn)
Special Music: I WIll Rise (Me - singing Chris Tomlin)
Sermon: ...And Now The Rest of the Story
"A Divine Encounter by the Sea"
Invitation: Draw Me Close
Closing: Forever (Chorus)

Here is my Quick Summary - (For a more detailed - and hopefully entertaining - summary, check out my worship confessional.)

Baptisms are becoming regular and I like it! God blessed our service with 3 more baptisms this week. I have to say, that - coupled with one lady who was just WORSHIPPING - made my morning. She was just fantastic. I told her I wanted to be out there with her. We also had another confession of faith and are prepared for 2 more baptisms next week and 2 more on Mother's Day. Today was great. I loved Forever and Here I am to Worship and Victory. They went so well. I just have to do a better job on my transitions between music. We all know that just because they are in the same key doesn't mean they wourk together. Well - I need to do a better job or transitioning the feel. But I'll talk more about that on my confessional.

I did "I WIll Rise" today with a track. I normally don't do specials with a track. I can play my own stuff... or create my own stuff... but I found an instrumental version on iTunes, then I found a video on YouTube and they looked and sounded so good together that I couldn't resist. So I laid the instrumental track over the video in iMovie and then I cross faded in the Angels part from the original recording because I wanted the voices of the angels. Don't know if I was completely legal, but it really went well. I had a hard time getting through the song without crying ( That means I was connection with it :-) ) I love that song - It really isn't congregational but it is powerful. Praise God.

Hope your week was blessed! Thanks again for coming by, and please check out (and comment on) my "more detailed" worship confessional for the week of 4/26.
Keep singing His praises!


  1. Great post Kendall!!!! And you were #1 this week.

    praise God for the additions to the kingdom at your church

  2. Great blend of songs this week!


  3. #1 this week- i've coveted that spot. alot. haha.
    but congrats to you! You got it!

    Great set list- i'm with you about that singing with a track thing- I rarely will do it. but hey when it works- it works!
    We did forever too this week!

  4. Baptisms ROCK! We had two today...always a cool thing!

  5. Congrats on the #1 spot! Sounds like "I will Rise" was great! Have a nice week.

  6. #1 this week! WootWoot!
    Glad to hear your track/vidoe sinc worked out, nice set!

  7. Three hymns in the set; very cool! "Victory in Jesus" is one we do on a regular basis. I have not done "Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus" for quite awhile. I am familar with "All the Way My Savior Leads Me" but have not played it on the guitar before. We always put at least one hymn in the set.

  8. Just heard Louie Giglio tell the story behind I Will Rise...a tear-jerker for sure. Made me like the song even more. The words are anointed and God is definitely using that dong in a great way! Sounds like a beautiful morning.