Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday Set List 05/10/09

Good Monday Morning! This week, I thought I'd wait before posting.
I wanted to spend all my energies on my wife - she had a great day!
Hope your spouse/you/ your mother had a great Mother's Day also.

Now onto the technical stuff...
I always say "You can find other worshippers' set lists here", but go and check some out.
You can see what the church is singing around the world ( It is world... Isn't it Fred?... not just country...)
Anyway - Here's the link to the Sunday Setlist Blog Carnival.

My songs are as follows...
Call to Worship: Family of God
Because He Lives
I Give You My Heart
Blessed Assurance
I Am Thine, O Lord
Invitation: I Give All to You
Closing: The Family of God

Also, Visit to see my entire set list (and the order in which it was served)
Planning Center Link
A little rub for planning center - If you use Word or pen and paper to plan your services, go check out Planning center is really fantastic.

Sunday was Mother's Day and we started service with the same video Fred did at Saint Simons... I'll embed it here so you can see. So Funny...

The Mom Song from samktan samktan on Vimeo.

Anyway our Song service was abbreviated - and I didn't feel bad about that at all. Why you might ask? Because we had 13 babies dedicated during our Sunday Morning service. (That may not be much to some, but for our town of 2200, we couldn't be happier...) Additionally we had 4 more baptisms this week, so we had to plan accordingly. I thought our songs worked well with what we were doing at the time. The music augmented each special event. Because He Lives and I Give You My Heart were both sung after the Parent Child Dedication. Blessed Assurance and I Am Thine, O Lord were sung after the baptisms and I Give All to You wrapped it all up nicely. Today was a nice service. Not overly praise oriented, but it worked well. I was satisfied that we gave our best in worship, and we weren't going through the motions. (That would be a great song - Matthew West you interested?)

Hope your Mother's day and your week of worship was blessed!
Thanks again for coming by. I'm getting my confessional for the week of May 10th (and the 3rd since I can talk again) up sometime today.
Keep singing His praises!


  1. Love that you guys did the mom video.. I think all the cool churches did.. and we missed the boat!1
    Glad to hear your service went so well

  2. Nice touch to use "Family of God" to open and close your Mother's Day service; very good fit.