Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Worship Confessional 11/08/2009

After a busy and fantastic Sunday & Monday, Tuesday is when this baby gets up. I want to keep this being regular so keep checking back for my updates...

Again, I'm giving you my feelings on where I'm at giving back to God on this Sunday Morning...

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Now, on to the list!

Walk In:
We didn't have a walk in as I was trying to get some things ironed out... I'll address that more later.

“You, You are God” (Gateway Worship)
"All the Earth" (Parachute Band)
“How Great is Our God/ How Great Thou Art (Chris Tomlin - Traditional Hymn)
“The Lord Reigns” (Klaus/Gateway Worship)

Special Music:
Vivi and Kendall Massey "Mystery" (Phil Wickham)

“The Unknown God” Pastor Daniel Diaz de Leon
You can find his sermon at www.faithassemblylc.org.

Alter Call:
“How Great Is our God"

Closing Song:
“How Great Thou Art - How Great is our God” (One Verse and 2 Chorus)

I was a little rushed this week as I printed out some things that our praise band needed. It wasn't that I was unprepared (I could have done the service just fine without the revisions...) but after going through Sunday morning practice, it was apparent that I needed to make sure I wouldn't make a mistake during service. I never want to pull someone out of worship. I guess I just tried to squeeze more in when I should have waited. So I felt a little rushed this Sunday...

Also, I tend to run long in Sunday School. I love that my Students ask questions. I want to take every opportunity to answer their questions, but sometimes my train of thought gets derailed and we run long. And even though I love that we run long... cause that means we're talking about Jesus... sometimes it hurts the praise team, so I have to make sure we get done earlier.

Service was much better than we could have hoped. We had a few problems on Thursday and on Sunday Morning, but the actual service was pretty smooth. Additionally, "Mystery" had hitches in every practice, but during service it went very well. I love everything Phil Wickham does. He is a fantastic songwriter. Pastor Dan's sermon really was moving as he called us to spread the good news as Paul did. Of those that heard, some laughed, some procrastinated, but some came to Christ... and those are who we're looking for.

The ending of service was a little cluttered and not as smooth as it could have been. I think as I get more comfortable behind the keys it will help...

That's my list for this week...I still would love to hear from some that I haven't heard from in a while. So please leave a comment - short or long I don't care :-).. Again please pray for our Youth Praise Band that is launching in January. Your prayers are appreciated and needed.

Thanks for your support and your friendship.
God be praised for everything He has done, is doing and is going to do!


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