Thursday, November 12, 2009

I stated before that I love Phil Wickham. He is a fantastic songwriter. If you are not planning on getting his album next week, shame on you. :-) My wife and I purchased it early because we couldn't wait for November 17th. We also got an acoustic version which we like more than the produced version. Phil + Guitar = Gold.

Anyway, the song that I heard first from the album (not counting Heaven's Song because it was a YouTube video) was "Safe". I heard it on the way to the airport when I was flying to Indiana for my grandmother's funeral. While the melody is easy to sing, it is the words that are truly special. I sing it to my daughter as I rock her to sleep at night. I have sung it to my youth group and my wife and I have sung it as a special in church. Each time I sing it I am reminded of His care for me. I encourage you to find this song and to listen to what it has to say to you

"Safe" by Phil Wickham.
This week's Song of Note

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