Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Set Lists 4-04-2010

Well - as I stated in my earlier post - it has been a LONG time since I posted. It has been even longer since I posted about the Sunday Set Lists. SO long , in fact, the list has moved to So without further ado... our Easter Sunday...

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Set List

Walk In Song:         Glorious - Paul Baloche

Worship:                Jesus Paid it All - Kristian Stanfill

                        Jesus Messiah - Chris Tomlin

                        Sing to the King - Billy Foote

Worship Video: Come Awake Igniter Media

Altar Call:         At The Cross - Hillsong

Closing:                At The Cross - Hillsong

                        Glorious - Paul Baloche


This Easter I had so many hopes and wants but they just weren’t meant to be. First our hot water was off in our apt... Nice. It made getting ready hard. It also made it difficult for my wife to be involved in worship - in more ways than I can describe here - and she arrived at the very end. I really like worshipping with her, so that made the day start disappointingly.

About the set: I loved Glorious. That will be a song we will attach to here at Faith Assembly. The next three songs I changed abruptly on Friday. Originally, I had To Deserve, No Other Name and Your Grace is Enough. These 3 songs are crowd favs here at Faith but I felt we needed to move to other songs that illustrated Easter better. Well Jesus Paid it All wasn’t one of them. It just fell flat. Even though the words were great - no one connected. I hated that for our opening Easter song, but it just wasn’t the right choice. However things really picked up. Jesus Messiah and Sing to the King were great. But the high point was this video..." />

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I love what it says. We’re going to be doing Come Awake as the walk in song next week. Just a fantastic message in vide and in song...

Dr Rob Starner was our guest this week. He dressed up as Joseph of Arimathea and told us about Jesus from a first century perspective. Really interesting.

Finally the altar call was spot on and we closed with Glorious.

While this wasn’t the easiest Easter sunday, but I know this: there is a bright future at Faith Assembly - and it rests in Jesus!

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