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Sunday Set Lists 4-11-2010

Hey guys... It is talking me some time to get back into the habit of posting... but here goes my confessional for Sunday the 11th!

Set List

Walk In Song:         Christ is Risen - Matt Maher

Worship:                Glorious - Paul Baloche

                        Hosanna - Paul Baloche

                        Your Grace is Enough - Matt Maher

Worship Video: The Crowd or the Cross Igniter Media

Altar Call:         At The Foot of the Cross - Kari Jobe

                        The More I Seek You - Kari Jobe

Closing:                Christ is Risen - Matt Maher


Now, this is the set I should have done Easter Sunday. I tried to do too much last week. You know - in my preparation time I felt God saying, “Just slow down. What can you do that is more than what I am going to do?” Well, I didn’t listen last week. While last week wasnt bad - it wasn’t what it could have been... This week, I listened.

Last week, I could not get “Christ is Risen” out of my head - but I didn’t do it... I still can’t get it out of my head. If you don’t know this song, you must find it and lead it in worship. POWERFUL! It was a great way to start the service - even if I did start it a little slow. I love what this song says. It just drips truth.

The next three songs just went so well. I think “Glorious” is so anointed. When I first heard it at the NWLC last year, I knew that it was a song I had to do in worship. Actually, the songs that have really changed my year I heard at the NWLC last year... and if I would have been on time I would have heard Matt Maher and “Christ is Risen” - but that’s a whole other story... The power of the Resurrected Savior is truly glorious and this song does a fantastic job saying that. “Hosanna” and “Your Grace is Enough” are CCLI top 25 for a reason. They are powerful songs and they are powerful at Faith by the Holy Spirit’s indwelling. So the worship set was great for me.

Our Altar Call time was stripped down to just piano and voices. Bare. Raw. Just like we should be before Jesus at the cross.These songs were just what this time needed. Even though I am somewhat biased, I thought Vivi (my wife) did an excellent job of leading them and handing them off to me to finish out. We went right into “Christ is Risen” to end the service.

All of that was great... but where God really got to me was in communion and after the service - at the end... I thought we might do communion in the middle of worship, but I blazed right through... my bad :-)... and Pastor came up at the end to offer up our communion time. My wife asked me what I was going to do and I said “I don’t know”... so I just played a little and asked God what he wanted me to sing. He gave me the hymn “My Jesus I love Thee”. That song - for me - was it. Then for some reason... God brought me back into it in the end and we coupled it with “Christ is Risen” WOW!

Leaders - if you can - take time at the end of your worship day to enjoy God. If you team is patient with you and they’ll extend the last song just a bit... the spirit will take off to amazing places... I promise.

I hope your week was blessed. All glory to God!


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  1. Love hearing about peoples faith! way to let it shine!