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Sunday Set List 7-04-2010 "Jesus Culture - Dallas"


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Set List

Walk In Song

The More I Seek You - re:Verb style (our Youth band)


Finding Freedom


Happy Day - Kim Walker

Hallelujah - Jake Hamilton

Revelation Song- Kim Walker


Jesus Culture:Dallas


Testimonies from Jesus Culture:Dallas

Altar Call

Show Me Your Glory - Kim Walker


OK - so it is obvious I am not a blogger. I would like to be... but I get a little distracted... I’m going to keep trying :-)

This week was special. We spent the morning testifying about what we saw at Jesus Culture:Dallas. Look, I know some people think what happens at Bethel in Redding is a little strange... but I am here to testify that everything I felt at Jesus Culture:Dallas was real! The power of God is real and it is still VERY much here! The healing we experienced was real! ... and the words God spoke to us were real! If you want to know more... ask me... but be prepared to sit for a while. This was a life changing conference and we shared our stories this Sunday Morning. Thanks Dylan, Tiffani, Ariel and Vivi!

The songs were directly from the conference (except for the opener - that is a re:Verb original and I LOVE the way we do it!) Of note - I had lost my voice during camp the week before (actually from praying in strong authority - not from camp games. MAN! The spirit was strong there!) SO my wife and Tiffani led most of the songs this morning. However, I led Jake Hamilton’s version of Hallelujah. He changed the words (and if you know the Leonard Cohen song - and what it means - then you understand why) and it is an amazing anthem (no pun intended). As a result of that, I had a great rasp on that song and Tiffani and Vivi led the others better than I ever could:-) I thoroughly enjoyed leading that song - It should be on Jake’s new release coming soon (He’s recording in Atlanta July 14th).

Also, if you want a new song that is POWERFUL - check out “Show Me Your Glory” on Jesus Culture’s new ep “My Passion”. I was moved to weeping when I experienced it in Dallas - and almost every time since them. It was our altar call and I felt God move in a sweet way....

All in all - it was a great morning of celebrating our independence in and dependance on Christ!

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