Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunday Set List #110 : 8-29-2010

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Set List

Walk In Song

Happy Day - Tim Hughes


The More I Seek You - re:Verb style

Nothing But The Blood - Matt Boswell

Your Grace Is Enough - Matt Maher


The Breastplate of Righteousness

Altar Call

Show Me Your Glory - Jesus Culture


I am so in love with what God is doing in worship. He is just taking me to different places - and the church for that matter. Pastor Dan came up before service and started playing “I Exalt Thee” on piano and I just followed him. When he stepped down, I picked up where he left off and the band joined in... just a great moment of worship.

Now - while i will readily admit I messed up the intro to “Happy Day”, the praise band just settled in during the first verse and then we just took off in praising our King. Tiffani does a fantastic job with “The More I Seek You”. We do not play that song slow. Its more bottled up passion. I love it! Julia sang “I Love You Lord” twice and just brought us into a deeper place. I have to thank fellow blogger Jim Drake for introducing me to Matt Boswell. I loved throwing in a rocked out version of this classic hymn (we turned up the volume on Matt’s version) and just ran headlong right into “Your Grace is Enough”. The body just attached itself to to the Hymn and then they own the Matt Maher song... so I could just feel the spirit moving. Now some will say - look out into the body... can’t you see people just standing. Of course I can. But I can also see people jumping... but that isn’t the point... I can feel His Spirit moving! It is so evident if we just take a step back and feel with our spirit and not our eyes. He is present and He is ALIVE!

I can’t wait for next Sunday cause I’m already ready now!

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