Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunday Set List #108 : 8-15-2010

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Here is the link to this week’s carnival: http://www.theworshipcommunity.com/sunday-setlists-108/

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Set List

Walk In Song

Today is the Day - Brewester/Baloche


Beautiful One - Tim Hughes

Open The Eyes of My Heart- Baloche

Just to Be With You- Baloche


Weapons of Watchmen Part 2

Altar Call

In Your Freedom - Hillsong

Rescue - Gungor


We blessed our children and our students this week. Wonderful time of authoritative prayer and proclamation over our children’s lives and their learning.

I didn’t even realize I planned a Baloche-penned service until I looked at it today :-)

This service was very fluid as everything was in D. We went from Beautiful One to Open The Eyes and back to Beautiful...

The altar call we stayed in In Your Freedom for a while and then we went to Rescue and back to Just to Be With You...

I say all of that to say... I’m learning the songs don’t matter as much.

We still have to plan. We still have to study. We still have to practice. But its Jesus that matters.

It was His day this week. Very free and spirit filled.

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