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Sunday Set List #107 : 8-08-2010

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Set List

Walk In Song

No Greater Love - Matt Maher


Bless His Name - Jeremy Riddle

All Because if Jesus - Fee

Our God - Tomlin/Redman


Remembrance (The Communion Song) - Maher/Redman


Weapons of Watchmen Part 1

Altar Call

The Stand - Hillsong


This week I had a chance to go to the Deluge Festival in Katy, TX and see Deluge praise. I have to be honest - I didn’t go to hear their music. It isn’t that I don’t like them... I do. But I have talked to so many who say the stuff that comes out of Bethany Prayer Center in Louisiana is anointed.

So I expected to go and meet God there. In the middle of the first set, I heard God speak loudly and clearly to me. As Deluge played “Open Up The Sky” He said, “Why did you come tonight? Did you come for the music or did you come for me?” Now I knew why I came... but maybe God was re-questioning me... Prophet Damon Thompson (who is on FIRE - and if you don’t know check out The Ramp) came up and said the exact same thing. He asked us all why did we come? Did we come to hear music with our friends or did we come to meet the God of the universe?

So - why did you come to worship on Sunday? Is it because you like the music? Is it because you wanted to see your friends? or is it because you wanted to tell The Creator, the Master, the Holy One that He is all you need? I am learning that there is no compromise. So often we confuse grace with compromise - and that isn’t true. God does not compromise - if we are lukewarm we can expect to receive what Revelation tells us will happen at judgement. Grace covers a multitude of sins but we’d better be careful about what we’re counting on and what we’re comfortable with.

I don’t want Sundays to be comfortable. Sundays need to be an eruption of praise toward the One who is more than worthy of worship. Not should be... need to be!

I loved singing this week...not because of what we sang but because of who we sang to...

I can’t say that every week - but I hope this is the new normal.

All praises to Jesus!

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