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Sunday Set List #106 : 8-01-2010

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Set List

Walk In Song(s)

Come Now is the Time to Worship

Beautiful One


Christ Is Risen - Matt Maher

Healer - Mike Guglielmucci

Overcome - New Life Worship


Watchmen Part 2

Altar Call

Mighty To Save - Reuben Morgan


I am getting to be more consistent :-)

You know - So often, we used unplanned to cover up our lack of preparedness. This was not the case this week - but unplanned is the accurate word for what happened. It was not an upbeat week of release but a week of being submissive to the Spirit.

I did something different as we prepared for service. During the morning practice, I sang “Dance With Me” - a song that was reintroduced on the latest Jesus Culture LP Consumed - to the Praise Team. We just invited the Holy Spirit into the sanctuary and loved on Him for a few minutes before class. It was a sweet fragrant time. I was really blessed by it. I think I’ll do that more often.

During service, there was not the jubilant release of the previous weeks but a wonderful declaration of the power of Jesus’ victory. Some mornings we just have to re-declare that Jesus has won.

When I plan services, there are some songs that you just know need to be in service and some that you are unsure about. This week I was sure about “Overcome” and uncertain about “Mighty To Save” - a song that we haven’t done much recently. I truly believe that God made His presence known during “Healer” and Overcome was just the extension of that. However, after a powerful message from Pastor, “Mighty To Save” was exactly what was needed. Sometimes one song - one moment just shines and this weeks Altar Call was a powerful declaration of Jesus’ power in our lives.

I didn’t plan it - as a matter of fact - I was unsure of it until 10 min before we got up to praise. Its amazing to me when God does these things. Unplanned by me - uncovered by God.

It has been a crazy, mixed-up, topsy-turvy, transforming summer. Its hard to believe its almost over...

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