Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday Set List #105 : 7-25-2010


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Set List

Walk In Song

Our God - Tomlin


Hosanna (Praise is Rising) - Baloche

The Lord Reigns - Klaus/Gateway

The Stand - Hillsong


Way Rivera : Missionary to Vietnam


Wow what a week of praise. So last week I fell out in the spirit for the first time after service... well this week it happened in mid-service. You know, I’m not sure what God is doing. As I am new to this, it is a little confusing... but I really think its because I told God if I was every going to fall out in the spirit He was going to have to knock me over... well He’s knocking me over. I actually prayed for God to not knock me over because I could feel it starting and I didn’t want to disrupt worship... but the crazy thing is worship just took off after He took me out.... God knew what He was doing (imagine that...) So even though falling was a big deal to me, in the grand scheme of things, God just used it to start a time of authoritative prayer and spiritual warfare - the real event. Way Rivera - our missionary to Vietnam - was at church this week. She is a real warrior on the front lines. God has raised up over 20 churches through her efforts in Vietnam. Lift her up when you hit your knees this week.

You know, this is a worship confessional. Sometimes all I do is talk about the songs.

This week all the songs were great.

Really - they were all fantastic.

I could go on about how the body is connecting to “Our God”.

I could talk about how fantastic of a job the worship team did musically.

I could puff up my chest about what I knew or felt...

Worship - however - is not about the songs or how I thought they went.

It is about the Holy Spirit connecting us to God the Father through Jesus Christ.

This week God told me to stay up Saturday and worship a little with Him late at night.

So I did. He took the little bit of worship that I did and blew it up Sunday morning.

He proved to me again that He is everything and I am not.

Worship leading is not a place of reverence but a place of humility.

I’ve done music on every level and I have excelled.

However, God continually shows me - each week - how inadequate I am to lead worship.

If the Holy Spirit doesn’t show up, then we’re just singing songs.

I’m not doing this just to sing songs but to honor the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

I want to worship in Spirit and in Truth - He is the only way that happens. Not me.

The only way worship truly happens is if the Holy Spirit leads.

Let go and let God next week and see what He does...


  1. Your reflections make me smile.
    I love it when God takes us at our word. You asked and He delivered.
    May God continue to bless you and your worship.

  2. Kendall, sounds like you're living through and awesome season... continued blessings!

  3. Thanks for your comments Dorothy and Eddy.
    I always love to hear what other people think about each post:-)