Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sunday Set List #104 : 7-18-2010


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Set List

Walk In Song

Happy Day - Kim Walker


All Because of Jesus - Fee

Bless His Name - Jeremy Riddle

Revelation Song- Kim Walker



Altar Call

Show Me Your Glory - Kim Walker


Another week comes where practice was so NOT good. We just didn’t click this morning in practice. So, we just prayed and asked God to take over...

He did.

I need to say a special thanks to Mandy Huff who just let GO on “Happy Day”. You know - I told the praise team that just because you aren’t on the stage does not mean you don’t effect worship. Mandy did just that. We fed off of her preparation - her joy in the Lord - and when she broke out dancing, all of our spirits raised in unison. The Holy Spirit just took over from that point on. All glory to God.

So - it was also a big day for me later on. I had never fallen out in the spirit before. I told God if I was going to fall out He would have to knock me down. That’s just what he did. “Show Me Your Glory” is anointed. If you are not singing this song, you are missing out. Anyway - at the end of service we just kept playing and the spirit just started rising and I felt my left knee get weak. I tried to stay standing but it just ended up giving out and down I went. I just stayed down in laughter. Now you must know the spirit was strong in the altar this Sunday. I just want to testify that falling out in the Spirit is real. I have never passed out or collapsed in my life. I just don’t do that. The Holy Spirit is powerful. I promise!

Just a great week.... God is good.


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